Rapist who spiked woman's drink with MDMA blamed her injuries on 'demon'

The woman said she was "quite drunk" but recalled Callaghan making her a Jack Daniel’s and Coke which she said tasted funny. (SWNS)

A man who raped a woman he met on a dating website after spiking her drink with MDMA claims that her injuries were because she was possessed by a demon.

Darren Callaghan, 48, who assaulted the woman while she was unconscious, claimed she became ‘sex-crazed’ and acting ‘like something out of The Exorcist’.

When the victim woke up the following morning half naked and covered in bruises Callaghan tried to blame them ‘on the supernatural’ and ‘that there was a demon in her house’.

Callaghan, from Hampshire, was found guilty of rape and warned that he will receive a ‘significant prison term’ when he is sentenced later.


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Warwick Crown Court heard that the pair had been out together and visited various pubs near the victim’s home in Rugby, before getting in a taxi home.

The woman described how he became ‘a little boisterous’ when he came back to her house and tried to pull her trousers down until she told him to stop.

The woman said she was "quite drunk" but recalled Callaghan making her a Jack Daniel’s and Coke which she said tasted funny.

Prosecutor Adrian Fleming said: ‘She thought her drink tasted a bit funny, and soon after she began to feel unwell and had some sort of seizure.

‘She recalls falling down and her memories after that are vague. It’s the Crown’s case that he had put MDMA in her drink. She is very clear she did not take it knowingly.

Darren Callaghan was found guilty of rape and was warned he will receive a "significant jail term". (SWNS)

“Although the defendant has admitted giving her a small amount of MDMA, he says it was at her request.

“The next thing she recalls is waking late the following morning, naked apart from her bra, and Callaghan lying next to her, naked.

“She was aware she had injuries all over her body, and she asked if he had punched her in the face.

“He said no, and that she was possessed and that there was a demon in her house.

“She says Callaghan appeared to be trying to blame her injuries on the supernatural.

“The inescapable fact is that somehow she got very real injuries all over her body. This was nothing to do with ghosts.

“She has no recollection of having sex with him whatsoever. If she was incapable, any sex he had with her was rape.”