Rapper Bow Wow defends himself against criticism for packed club performance amid coronavirus pandemic

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Rapper Bow Wow
Rapper Bow Wow

Washington [US], January 17 (ANI): After rapper Bow Wow performed at a packed nightclub in Houston amid the coronavirus pandemic, he woke up on Saturday (local time) to dozens of angry comments from fans.

According to Fox News, the 33-year-old artist documented his Friday night on his Instagram Story, showing off an extremely crowded nightclub featuring dozens of fans standing and dancing closely without masks.

"So wait, people risking their life in a packed club to see BOW WOW??? BOW WOW?" one user tweeted.

"Ppl really risking it all for Bow wow in the year 2021?!!" another quipped.

"I would NEVER risk my life for Lil Bow Wow..... Also, do we have NO COVID restrictions in H-Town? This club needs to be shut down. There are some awful ways to die, but death by Bow Wow has to be up there. Do better people," another wrote.

As reported by Fox News, others tweeted directly at the musician, whose real name is Shad Moss, to accuse him of having zero regards for the crowd's safety as well as his own.

"At what point do you as an artist stop and say 'This is irresponsible?' Do you not have a conversation with the promoters about social distancing? People are DYING because of Covid-19, especially people of color! But you got paid, right?!" one person tweeted to Bow Wow.

As other fans mocked Moss for being a "super spreader," he claimed he was not in the wrong and had attended similar parties in 2020.

"Man i been hosting parties all last year. I wore my mask in the club. I cant host with that thing on," he responded to one critic.

In another tweet, Moss claimed, 'IT WASNT MY PARTY. But of course ima get the blame."

As reported by Fox News, the performer added that he wore his mask, "up until i got on the mic. That simple. Keep hand sanitizer on me at all times."

In another tweet, the rapper said he "dont want folks thinking i dont care ya know..." (ANI)