Rashami’s 24*7 Weeping Habit, Sidharth’s Non Stop Arguments, Aarti’s Stupid Tactis And Cry Baby Deboleena, Here Are The Most Annoying Personality Traits Of Bigg Boss 13 Contestants

Most Annoying Personality Traits Of Bigg Boss 13 Contestants

Over the years, we’ve been witnessing how the reality-TV show Bigg Boss gained this  massive personality all thanks to it’s capability of showing the real side of the celebrities whether it be the good, the bad or the ugly! Read on…

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The most popular and the biggest reality-show on Indian television, Bigg Boss has definitely given a lesson or two on how to give the daily  does of entertainment and achieve greater TRP’s like a boss! Though we get to see the real side of the contestants, we also notice how annoying and irritating they can be in their day to day lives and mundane jobs. Even in the ongoing Bigg Boss 13, we found out how the contestants can get on anyone’s head with their specific irksome habit.

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Cry Babies : The leading bahus of TV industry, Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee have one thing common in each other. Whenever trouble approaches them or someone bashes them or fights with them, they start crying. They go to their respective beds, lay down and start crying. And, it is downright annoying! They also know each other well and when they see either of them crying, they run to console them and when it stops, it again continues the next day. Even the audience is able to decode that it is just too much and it can very well be pure acting!


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Always Shouting And Debating : The TV actor, Sidharth Shukla who is infamous for his short temper is one of the contestants inside the BB 13 house. His voice is always high-pitched and he really needs to calm down. Sidharth’s habit of always asking for explanations and confrontations can be quite taxing at times. He also seldom listens to anyone when he is debating and makes sure he gives the last line and blabbers non-stop before it’s calm all over again.


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Making Camps : The former MTV Splitsvilla contestant, Paras Chhabra is one of the most famous contestants of the ongoing season of Bigg Boss all thanks to his chemistry with Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira Khan. Coming back to our concern, Paras has one thing constantly going on in his mind, ie, making camps and keeping them around. He is always seen chit-chatting in discreet voice with his closed ones and is seen making plots against the rival team but never comes ahead to take charge when it is time. Rather he keeps sending other people and sees it from behind. Quite annoying!


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Dumb, Dumber And Dumbest : The actress from the Punjabi film industry, Shehnaaz Gill became an instant favorite among the audience all thanks to her bubbly nature & innocent personality. But over time, she has proved that she has no brains to play the actual game inside the house. She has become a soft target and whenever someone outcasts her or nominates her, she never takes a stand for herself no matter what. Her constant giggling and goofing around makes her look like she has just participated in the show to chill!


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Safe Game : The sister of famous stand-up comedian Krushna Abhishek, Aarti Singh has magically survived till now in the show despite being plain boring. She sticks around Sidharth Shukla like a shadow and nods her head to whatever he says or orders. She even back bitches about other contestants and when they ask for confrontations, she acts like she is clueless and leaves the spot soon. Aarti who was expected to be a firebrand turned out to be quite lull. Her safe-game where she comes across as someone who is filled with double standards in doing no good to her image!

So who do you find the most annoying? Tell us in the comment-section below!

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