Rashami Desai on Ending Marriage with Nandish Sandhu: I was Shaken Up Very Badly

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Actress Rashami Desai, who returned to the spotlight with her stint on Bigg Boss 13, opened up about her turbulent relationships. The actress also thanked Bigg Boss host Salman Khan and her friends for being supportive throughout.

Speaking with ETimes, Rashami, who was previously married to her Uttran co-star Nandish Sandhu, said, “The first time out (marriage), I was shaken up very badly. I had got involved and taken a big step (marriage) in my life rather quickly. But I soon realised that it was better to move out of it.” The actress shared that if two people stay in a relationship despite the fact that they don’t get along it ends up hindering their growth. She mentioned that both of them get suppressed. Desai added, “And I came out from my marriage very respectfully.”

Talking about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Arhaan Khan, who proposed marriage to her on Bigg Boss 13, the actress said that looking back, she feels blessed that everything was exposed in the public domain. She added, “It was a tough time no doubt as I wondered what to do next which is natural if one's support system comes crashing down. One then doesn't have the clarity ahead; the future plans lie dashed to the ground. I felt I was in a place where most people looked at their advantage.”

She said, “But if it hadn't been for Salman Khan Sir and a few friends, I would have been in a bad state. A lot of people may have had their judgment or perception about me and I have no complaints about that.”