Rashami Desai's 'Made June 7 Call To Disha Salian After 7 Months' Statement Referred To As 'Inconsistent'; BB 13 Contestant Has A Hard-Hitting Response

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Rashami Desai claimed to be a 'close friend' of Sushant Singh Rajput's former manager Disha Salian who reportedly died by suicide after allegedly jumping off from a high rise on June 8. In a recent interview with the Republic, the former contestant of Bigg Boss 13 claimed that she was not in touch with Disha Salian for 7-8 months but spoke to her a day prior to her tragic demise which was on June 7. Even though Rashami said Salian was her good friend, she also claimed that she had spoken to Disha 'once in 5-7 years.' After her statement on Disha was called 'inconsistent' by a news portal, Rashami shared a tweet on her handle, saying how disheartened she is to see a certain section of media cutting limits to showcase fake news. She also said the invasion of privacy in the name of news is not cool.


While taking to her Twitter handle, she wrote, "Its disheartening to see tht certain section of media are cutting all the limits to showcase fake news. As I personally experience I can totally empathize to all those who have fallen pray to it. Invasion of my privacy in the name of news isn't cool. Stay real but first stay kind" While speaking to the portal, Desai said, "Yes, I had actually spoken to her a day prior to the incident actually. On 7th. We did not speak at length that time actually, we said that we could not speak over the phone. Eventually, we made some plans to meet for later on but then the next day I got the sad news." 


She also revealed that she was unaware of the party that happened on the day of Disha's death, June 8, Desai said, "I have no idea about the 8th of June party. I am being honest, and I was not in touch with her for 7-8 months." She said they had not kept in touch because of Rashami's BB stint and later as the lockdown was announced. In the same interview, the Naagin 4 actress also said that they were planning a trip to Shimla in October.

Image source: Instagram/imrashamidesai/  disha265

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