Ratan Pratap Recovered and Healthy

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TV host and actor Ratan Pratap recently confirmed that he was Covid positive and that he has recovered now. A paparazzi picture of him entering the hospital created a lot of buzz on the internet and kept netizens speculating about his health. Putting the hospitalisation rumours to rest Ratan clarified, “I was never hospitalised. I went to the hospital for a couple of tests. I was so in my zone at the time that I did not even realise there were paps outside the main gate of the hospital. I was just going about my business and did not check my social media at all for a few days. My friends informed me later that such and such was being reported online about my health. I did clarify then on my Instagram story that I wasn’t admitted. But by that time RIPs had started to roll in. It was quite amusing to see how fast the world of social media works. But at a time like this one doesn’t really care about what is happening online. One has to focus on getting healthy”.

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Speaking about how he overcame this ordeal alone, Ratan elaborated, “I was recovering at home by myself, but Dr. Abhilash Sangtani was consulting with me and monitoring my health. He’s kind of responsible for me getting better. He is a Nagpur based doctor but we were connected on the phone throughout. I am really glad that Dr. Abhilash helped me because it would have been almost impossible to manage otherwise. He completely took care of the medical aspect of it. I was relieved in that sense because I trusted him there! Mentally it was kind of exhausting though. It got really difficult and frustrating after a while, since I live alone. There were times when I would get really anxious and paranoid and then there were moments when I felt lonely. Also, I am not someone who asks for emotional support easily. I do that with hardly one or two people. But it’s all good now. This experience has taught me a lot emotionally as well”.

When asked if Ratan was upset with the paparazzi for the hospital coverage, he said, “No I am not. Why should I be upset? They were just doing their job. I understand that this is a part of the profession I have chosen. I can’t sit and complain about this now. The reportage could have been slightly more responsible but I get that they mean no harm”. According to reports, the young star has been replaced from his acting debut show as he cancelled all his shoots in the last two weeks due to Covid 19. Ratan refused to comment on the same. “What is meant for me will happen and what is not won’t. Sometimes things are out of your control and you need to be okay with that. It’s just bad timing but what matters is that I am better now and will get back to work soon”, he concluded.

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