Ratan Tata Shares Picture of That 'Friend' He Looks Forward to Meeting Everyday in Office


Ratan Tata's love for dogs knows no bound and social media is quite aware of it, with Bombay House having a well built kennel to solely serve stray dogs.

His dog love becomes more prominent with his social media posts and one of them was Mr. Tata's recent Instagram story.

The Tata group chairman took to social media to post a picture of hugging a black and white dog around the neck and saying, "What I look forward to every day at office. My friend Goa."

Goa is reported to be the 'leader-of-the-pack' at the Tata Group's headquarters.

According to reports, the dog had traveled as a puppy from Goa to Mumbai and is apparently Mr. Tata's favourite.

As per an Economic Times report, every morning Goa would wait for Mr. Tata to arrive at the Bombay House and then ride up the elevator with him. It added that Goa even had an earmarked couch to sleep on in the office.