'Ratatouille' turns 14: Some interesting, lesser-known facts about the film

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29 Jun 2021: 'Ratatouille' turns 14: Some interesting, lesser-known facts about the film

Disney Pixar's Ratatouille released on this day in 2007. The film told the unusual story of a rat named Remy, who is blessed with impeccable culinary skills and a chef (Alfredo Linguini) who does not really know how to cook. These two misfits team up together in an unusual way to fulfill their own and each other's dreams. We celebrate its 14th anniversary.

Fact 1: The team went on several recce trips to Paris

If there ever was a crew to be on, it was this. The team went on several recce trips to Paris to get the nuances right. The bridge where Remy and Linguini form their unlikely partnership, was also found during one such trip by the team. They also got to dine at the finest restaurants in Paris to get a feel of the gastronomy.

Fact 2: Bomb Voyage from 'The Incredibles' also appeared, twice

In a sort of Easter egg fashion, Bomb Voyage, a character from another Pixar movie The Incredibles, a 2004 release, also makes a couple of appearances in the movie. He first appears as a mime artist on the bridge, where Linguini and Colette skate past him. His second mention is a tricky one and one has to look at a newspaper's headlines very closely.

Fact 3: The logos and brands were named after crew members

In another inside reference, the names of various brands and logos were named after members of the crew. A motorcycle driven by Colette is branded as "Calahan," named after Sharon Calahan, the Director of Photography in the film. Another dedication was the bicycle ridden by Linguini that's named "J.Deamer" for character designer Jason Deamer. The crew also got to take cooking classes in Paris.

Fact 4: The dishes were first created in reality and then digitally

According to reports, over 270 dishes were first created in reality, photographed and then replicated digitally. The final sequence, where Remy and Linguini have to impress the French food critic Anton Ego remains iconic. It's where Remy makes his signature Ratatouille. The real dish was made by Chef Thomas Keller, of the world famous French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley. Lip smacking!

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