Rattan Rattan Rattan! What is Rattan, And Why is it Everywhere?

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If you’ve spent any time on instagram or Pinterest lately, you’ll probably have noticed one trend taking over: Rattan, Wicker, and Bamboo furniture!

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This retro is back in vogue, and it's everywhere! … but why? With so much uncertainty, and distrust in unnatural or manufactured products, rattan and other natural materials are popping up everywhere from polished AD spreads, to tik tok videos.

In addition to the natural warm and boho vibes, that rattan and other natural materials welcome into the home— their manufacturing process is also much more environmentally friendly than most traditional industrial processes.

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For starters, rattan is grown by gardeners in renewable gardens that support the natural ecosystem. Rattan, and most natural material products are also handmade; which can help support communities.

Companies like The Queen of Rattan are showcasing the amazing variety of options there are out there, by curating a selection of handmade rattan and naturally sourced home goods. Instead of having to scour the internet and markets local and afar, you can finally find all the home goods and decor to make your boho dreams come true!

With more and more people seeking out natural, and environmentally sustainable options, it’ll be interesting to see what new products come in rattan!