Ravi Chhetri and Chirag Mohini the Tycoonic-Duo Are Flourishing All Over the Media Industry

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“The Business tycoons Ravi Chhetri and Chirag Mohini are leaving no stone unturned to expand the branches of the their business tree. The duo sails more than seven companies in the sea of business, while Cine Vision Pvt Ltd. is their current firm, getting all the attention form the captains Ravi Chhetri and Chirag Mohini. Ravi and Chirag began with an enterprising firm in 2015, the sturdy dedication and hard work lifted the duo possess multiple companies.

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Ravi and Chirag has also hurl their dart in the music industry where they own a music label ‘Ruricola Records’. The company is all set to deliver top notch hits in 2021. The founder and owner of the company Ravi Chhetri says. “I am very excited to be a part of this league and will definitely reach out with some entertaining content”.

The music label Ruricola Records has a tie-up with Tagdog Media, where the both firms under one shed are in a move of creating eye-worthy content which are lined-up for 2021.

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Speaking on the collaboration the duo Ravi and Chirag says, “As we believe in exploring and music was the next station where we wanted to halt, and we have a safe platform Tagdog Media which is managed by Shravan Patil aka OkShravan and Akshay aka Giri G”.