Read the true story of ‘Sye Raa’ Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy- First rebel against British

Chiranjeevi starrer 'Syee Raa Narasimha Reddy’ is all set to hit the theaters tomorrow. The Film also features Amitabh Bachchan, Nayanthara and Tamnnah Bhatia. This movie is a period drama based on the true story of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy who is the first ever rebel to revolt against the British East India Company, and who was brutally executed in 1847.

The British wanted to create terror among the patriots and thus decided to make ‘Narasimha Reddy’s execution as an example. After hanging him publicly, they kept his head hung to the Fort’s Doorstep for 30 years. But this backfired, as the event inspired future revolts and freedom fighters. It will definitely send shivers down the spine to watch this on the big screen.

The film is ready to hit on silver screen on tomorrow October 2. South superstar Chiranjeevi will be seen in the protagonist role of Narasimha Reddy. This period drama is helmed by Surnder Reddy. It will be engrossing to see the character come to live on the big screen.

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