Reality Check: Anupam Kher On Himachali Man Not Recognising Him

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Veteran actor Anupam Kher was taken aback recently after a resident of Himachal Pradesh failed to recognise him when Kher was on a morning walk. Anupam Kher took to Instagram to upload the video, wherein he is seen conversing with the local, Gyan Chand Thakur.

In the video, Kher is seen taking one of his morning walks in a small town in Himachal Pradesh. He chances upon Thakur and strikes a conversation. When Kher introduces himself and asks the man if he knows him, Thakur politely says 'no' and smiles. Even after Anupam Kher takes off his mask, the man remains clueless.

Sharing the video, Kher says that he is happy that people can't recognise him in small towns such as this. "It's a good moment for me. Chullu bhar paani m doob sakta hoon is samay main (I can die in a fistful of water)", the actor jokes. He also asks Thakur, 'Do you watch films?' To which the man replies, "I watch very few films'. Kher appears to be shocked by this remark.

"Reality Check. I always proudly announce to the world that I have done 518 films. And I presume that everybody (at least in India) knows me. But #GyanChand ji very innocently shattered my confidence. He had no idea who I was. It was funnily heartbreaking and yet beautifully refreshing! Thank you my friend for helping me keep my feet on ground!", Anupam Kher wrote in the caption.

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