6 reasons to add baby oil to your skincare routine

Rich in vitamins and minerals, baby oil is a must-have in your beauty arsenal.

It’s a great moisturiser
Struggling with dry or sensitive skin? Baby oil is a great option for you. A natural moisturiser, baby oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that sooth sensitive skin. Its rich formula helps nutrients penetrate the skin and hydrate from deep within. Dab a few drops of baby oil on your face after you’ve thoroughly cleansed, when your pores are open. Your skin will feel hydrated and the glow on your skin is proof enough. You can actually use baby oil everywhere, on cracked heels, dry elbows, etc. Give your feet some TLC by rubbing some baby oil and putting on socks to help seal in the moisture. Do this before going to bed to help them heal overnight.
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Use it as a makeup remover
It’s important to thoroughly remove makeup before you go to bed at night. We can’t stress this enough. And a great way to do that is with baby oil. Apply some baby oil on a cotton ball and wipe it across your eyelids and face. Repeat until all the makeup is gone. Baby oil will not only remove stubborn makeup, but also moisturise your skin while doing so, leaving you with soft supple skin.
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Hydrate your cuticles
Our hands tend to bear the brunt of all we do, but we often don’t give them the care they need. Pamper and nourish your paws with some baby oil, especially around the cuticles, which tend to get dry quickly. Soak a cotton bud in baby oil and apply it around your cuticles. Massage in the oil to keep your nails moisturised and healthy. Sometimes the simplest remedies work the best.
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Wash your makeup tools
All makeup tools, especially brushes and sponges, should be washed at least twice a month. This will help get rid of the dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria accumulate on them. Regular cleaning with baby oil also ensures the bristles on brushes are soft, which means they will be less abrasive and irritating on your skin. To wash your brushes, mix a few drops of baby oil to your chosen cleansing product. Dip your brush in the mixture and swirl it around in your hand or on a special cleaning glove/base. Build up a lather and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Repeat the process till all the brush is clean. You can repeat the same process with sponges, etc.
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Use it to exfoliate
Exfoliation is an important part of any beauty routine as it sloughs off dead skin cells that would otherwise clog pores. While there are a lot of body scrubs available in the market, there’s also a great, easy-to-make exfoliator hiding in your kitchen. Mix coarse sea salt with some baby oil till you get a paste. Head to the shower and apply this scrub all over your body, concentrating on your elbows, feet, and any other rough patches. You can even use the scrub on your lips! Wash off for smooth, supply skin.
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Tame your brows
Out of brow gel? Baby oil is a handy and much cheaper substitute. A little goes a long way over here. So make sure to take a small amount of baby oil on a brow brush and comb through your eyebrows. This will help keep stray hairs in place all day long.
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