Rebecca Mardikes’ Unconventional and Organic Path to Becoming a Top Model

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The world of fashion has a litany of models who aspire to make their way to the top, accessing the work and lifestyle that comes with being a top tier model. Many individuals who strive to flourish in the entertainment industry are turned down, and only a few make it. Rebecca Mardikes is one of the few that did, she was able to take an unconventional path to attaining success in this industry, and organically rose up in the fashion world.

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Although modeling came naturally to Mardikes, she started at 18 years old, as opposed to the many young women who get their start at a much earlier age. Mardikes is from Kansas City, a city in the Midwest that isn’t considered a hotbed for modeling. She prioritized education and athletics, always pushing herself to be the best at what she did. Suffice to say, Mardikes was very prosperous in her endeavors, amassing 73 hours of college credits at age 17. She did her Bachelors and Master’s at the University of Missouri, graduating with a Master’s degree at 22 years of age. While most people are only wrapping up their undergrad studies at this age, Mardikes already had a Master’s in Journalism from the University of Missouri, held in high esteem as the top journalism program in the nation.

Mardikes' unrelenting drive was not only reflected in her academic excellence, but her competitive nature was evident in the world of sports as well. Mardikes was the third overall recruit in the high jump event in track and field. Mardikes chose not to pursue sports, and chose to pursue her academic goals at the top journalism program in the United States. After she finished her Master’s, she decided to venture out of the Midwest, and go to New York City, landing a job as fashion publicist for one of the biggest firms in NYC.

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Prior to moving to the east coast, Mardikes had several fashion-centered internships in London and Brussels. She later did an internship for the famous Rebecca Minkoff in New York City, doing private modeling during her time with Minkoff.

Mardikes worked as a fashion publicist for two years, amassing a network of brands and prominent industry individuals which served as a launchpad for her transition to becoming a full-time model. During her time as a fashion publicist, Mardikes was placed in top publications, like: Harpers-Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Forbes 30 Under 30, Vogue, In Style, and ELLE magazine. She went on to sign with some of the top modeling agencies in the industry, working with notorious brands like Express, Athleta, Lucky Brand, Drunk Elephant, Lee Jeans, Edition Hotels, and many more. Working with such famed brands signaled Mardikes' official transition to becoming a full-time model.

Currently, Mardikes is enjoying the benefits of being a top model, she has been featured at popular fashion events like Miami Swim Week, Paris Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. Next time you are flipping through a fashion magazine or online publication, you may just see Mardikes’ work. All great things come organically, and Rebecca Mardikes’ success in the fashion world is a testament to that.

To learn more about Rebecca Mardikes, or check out her work, please visit her Instagram page @RebeccaMardikes