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Life Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast is by far the most importantly meal of the day. And we often neglect it thanks to our fast paced lives. If you haven’t got the time for a proper sit-down breakfast, try smoothies. They’re a great way to kick-start your morning, provide ample energy, taste great, and aid in digestion. Let the liquid not fool you. Smoothies are lightweight to consume but will have you feeling full really quick!
¼ cup of pre-soaked oats
½ cup skim milk
¼ cup yogurt
Raw Pressery Life Smoothie
1 tsp honey
Pre-soak your oats the evening before so that they become soft and easy to mix. The next morning, put all the ingredients to a blender and shake things up! Pour the blend into a tumbler with ice and sip while you get ready for work.
Photograph: Suzana Marinkovic/Shutterstock.com

Recipes for refreshing summer thirst quenchers

Keep yourself cool and energised this summer with these smoothies whipped up by health food fanatic Anuj Rakyan, founder of Raw Pressery.

There’s nothing better than fresh fruit to beat the heat and the market has a cornucopia to choose from. From dragon fruit to litchi and muskmelons, summer offers a host of interesting produce to create one’s unique spin on juicing. This summer check out cold pressed juices, a blend of fresh fruits and vegetables that is high on taste and greater on nutrition. It retains the highest number of live enzymes and is free of preservatives, chemicals or added sugar. These juices can be blended together with other ingredients to create a quick breakfast, a snack on the go, or a healthy dessert post-dinner. Anuj Rakyan, founder and MD of Raw Pressery, shares a few recipes. So go ahead and try something new with your favourite fruit!