Watch: Red Bull smash pit stop world record

Tom Homewood
Assistant Producer
Watch: Red Bull smash pit stop world record

Blink and you’ll miss it.

Red Bull Racing broke the world pit stop record for a third time this year. The blistering time of 1.82 seconds was all it took to service Max Verstappen’s car at the Brazilian Grand Prix at the weekend.

The team had previously set records at the British GP with 1.91 seconds and then again in Germany with 1.88s before besting their own time in Sao Paulo.

As if that wasn’t memorable enough for the team, Verstappen went on to claim his eighth win in Formula One, thanks in part to his exceptional pit team.

After the crew clocked 1.82s to change all four of the Dutchman’s tyres, he passed Lewis Hamilton twice before crossing the finish line at Interlagos, six seconds ahead of Toro Roso’s Pierre Gasly in second place.

Hamilton, who has already secured his sixth World Championship title, ended up finishing in seventh.

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