Red Velvet‘s Irene’s 1st Debut Movie Double Patty Released Its Trailer

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Red Velvet‘s Irene movie, Double Patty released its 1st trailer by giving a sneak peek at what to expect from her acting skills and the film’s plot.

In this coming-of-age movie, Irene plays the role of Lee Hyun-Ji, a hardworking aspiring newsreader who works at a burger restaurant. She stars opposite Shin Seung Ho (A-Teen, How to Buy a Friend), who plays high school wrestler Kang Woo-Ram. Double Patty is set to debut simultaneously in South Korean theatres and on the Seezn app, a subscription platform similar to Netflix.

On January 18, Seezn announced that the Double Patty trailer would drop on January 19 at 6 PM Korean standard time. However, luckily for Red Velvet fans, it seems film outlets on YouTube and Naver got advanced access one day ahead—and the trailer gives a great glimpse at what to expect from Irene.

The trailer opens with a typical day in the life of Hyun-Ji, who balances studying to be an anchorwoman with her burger restaurant waitressing job. She soon meets her love interest, Woo-Ram, when he shows up at her restaurant. Naturally, the two begin spending more time together. but you’ll have to wait for the full movie to drop to find out what happens between them.

Double Patty is set to release some time in February. It’s also reportedly been pre-sold to six Asian countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. However, there’s no word yet on when the movie will air outside of South Korea.

Irene will be singing the movie’s OST in a duet with Shin Seung Ho.

Watch below the full trailer if you haven’t watch yet!