Reese Witherspoon reflects upon ex Ryan Phillippe's money comment at 2002 Oscars

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Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon

Washington [US], December 29 (ANI): Hollywood actor Reese Witherspoon while on a podcast recently reflected upon her then-husband Ryan Phillippe's quip during the 2002 Oscars ceremony about her making more money than him.

According to E! News, the 'Legally Blond' actor reflected upon this moment from her past which had apparently slipped her mind. Recently during a podcast where she was a guest, the host asked her about this moment from the 2002 Oscars.

During that Oscars ceremony, Reese was presenting an award with her then-husband Ryan Phillippe, who suddenly had quipped that Reese should speak before him because, as he said, "You make more money than I do." The 44-year-old recalled the moment and told how the line was not planned and even she was caught off-guard by that.

"You are reminding me of that!" she replied on the podcast when asked about the moment, as per E! News. She further said, "I forgot that ever happened. But you are right, he did say that, and no, it was not scripted, and he did not tell me he was going to say that before it happened on air. So I was a little bit flummoxed in the moment, too."

She had announced her split from Ryan back in 2006. Reese admitted that she still does not know what had led him to say that, but she said that she does believe that women face increased pressure when they achieve financial success. (ANI)