Here are some refreshing winter drinks for your next get-together

Tapasvi Vibhute
·2-min read

There is always one question, winter calls for some exotic dishes, but what about the drinks? Here’s the solution!

As we enter the new year, why not add some tasty and healthy mocktails to the list?

So, make a toast with these easy mocktails.

Here how to go about it in 4 simple tips:

Muddle the fruit and lime juice with a few mint leaves

Pour the blend in a glass with 2-3 ice cubes, and honey if want

Add Soda or sparkling water to the mixture and mix

Garnish them with a fruit slice and mint leaves to make them festive ready!

Some of the fruits that go well are:


In this citrusy mocktail, you can mix up multiple citric fruits to flavour up the taste. The fresh orange pulp is a healthier escape from your normal drinks or alcohol. Slice of orange on the brin will surely make it a picture-worthy look!


Goes perfectly with the winter vibe as the blend of Marron with Soda looks delightful. Along with Pomegranate juice, you can also add some seeds to garnish and add sweetness to your mocktails. The best part is you don’t need to add sugar.


The delicious blueberries have always been a sweet delight. Crush and blend them into a smooth mixture. This is something that you can easily try for your next get together. Pair it up with blueberry cheesecake.


While cucumbers are most adored in summer for its cooling effect, and it also makes a refreshing drink for winters too. The freshness of cucumber mixed with soda is surely something you should not miss.


Blend in two fruits for some incredible flavour. Strawberry and pineapple go well together because of their soft and sweet nature. You can play with the quality of both the fruits to give variation.