Regina Cassandra On The Christmas Spirit: 'It's The Best Time Of The Year'- EXCLUSIVE

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Telugu star Regina Cassandra, seen as Sonam Kapoor’s love interest in Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, is a big Christmas fan.

“For me Christmas is the best time of the year. Because it comes in December which is the best time of the year. Not just the weather, but also my birthday falls in December (13th). By the time Christmas comes we are looking at the year gone-by and the year to come with much affection.”

This year Christmas and December have been more hectic than usual for Cassandra. “Since I was not working for the rest of the year, and I had just gotten back to work, there is a lot of pending work to be finished. So, this time it was a working birthday and Christmas for me. And that works just fine for me.”

Regina has been working round-the-clock. “Yes, it’s been hectic. But that doesn’t mean I’ve missed out on getting Christmas gifts for friends and family. But I’ve had no time to wrap them up! For me, a Christmas present is not just something bought off the shelf. Every gift I give is chosen carefully and has a special meaning attached to it. My gifts come from a place of love and closeness.”

What does Christmas mean to Regina? “It’s a time of giving and receiving , a time to be grateful. This year we’ve survived a major pandemic, so we’ve more to be thankful for. It means being with family, friends, sharing good food and thoughts, attending a lot of parties. As a kid, I used to attend a lot of Christmas parties. I miss that. This year it’s all work and no play. I wish everyone a happy Christmas filled with wine and plum cake. That’s the specialness of the season. Stay home, stay with family, stay safe. Everyone, please act responsibly. Merry Christmas.”

Image source: Instagram/reginaacassandraa

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