The Highly Relatable Lockdown Playlist

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The Highly Relatable Lockdown Playlist

Staying indoors and social distancing have become the new way of life. So we whipped up a playlist of Bollywood songs that seem extra relatable at the moment.

1. When you are reminded of the glorious days of multiple food delivery options

2. When bae lives in another zip code area and the roads are sealed

3. When you learn your online grocer finally has delivery slots open

4. The never-ending wait for that online delivery that keeps getting rescheduled

5. When you go to the balcony to see another human being but…

6. When you recognize how useful soap and water have been in the last few days

7. When the whole family pitches in to do the chores

8. When you are reminded of your grand plans for 2020

9. When the reality of the lockdown life finally hits you

10. And when you decide the embrace the isolation of lockdown life

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