Relaxx Radio Helps Bring Balance to Your Life

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We all have different ideas and methods of relaxing. For some, it’s watching a movie while snuggling on the couch with a glass of wine and take-out from their favorite restaurant. For others, it’s enjoying uninterrupted time in the presence of their loved ones. Regardless of the choice method, the goal is always the same: to get our minds off the things stressing us the most and reinstate our peace and joy.’s newest radio show, Relaxx Radio, is now another tremendous, mid-week option to help us do just that as we journey into a much-needed place of Zen.

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Relaxx Radio is a weekly live show aired every Wednesday from 5-6p.m. EST. The show is a synergy of two inspirational figures, Dan Riordan and Dr. Krishna Bhatta. Dan Riordan is an author, consultant, and entrepreneur, and his co-host is a urologist, author, expert in intermittent silence, mediation, and Gita.

With episodes such as Dealing with Emotional Stress and Stress and Leadership, the show is designed to educate, entertain, and enhance the listener, guiding them into a place of harmonious energy with their mind and body. Dr. Bhatta says, “Relaxx Radio is the place where you ride the wave of inner energy with us one vibration at a time. We believe in maintaining a happy and healthy body, mind, and flame of consciousness.” He adds, “We want you to open your mind to a deeper connection of peace and emerge energized with a calming balance.”

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The show is broken down into several segments and will feature guest appearances from various thought leaders. Segments include a question format centered around different discussion topics aimed at focusing your energy in a stress-free and supportive way. “Cauliflower Moments” is also another segment where they feature real stories from real people who are shifting paradigms and changing lives. The other two segments discuss “Peaceful Moments” and “Minor Miracles”, expressing encouraging stories and ruminations shared by guests and listeners alike.

“Pain is only a passing experience, a feature of the illusion, and thus, is only a part of the great journey. The only reasonable response to life is to find the joy in it, accept it for what it is and strive for personal growth and success,” writes Dr. Bhatta in his book, Journey from Life to Life: Achieving Higher Purpose. Relaxx Radio is now a viable tool that could help listeners find such joy and personal growth and success.

When users tune into Relaxx Radio they can be rest assured that they are getting knowledge and wisdom from a trusted, accredited source, Dr. Bhatta. He has dedicated many years of his life to studying medicine and science and is currently practicing as chief of urology at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine. His extensive experiential knowledge of science and the human body, coupled with his Eastern-ized spiritual upbringing, makes Dr. Bhatta a great source for decoding the human experience.

Though the show only airs weekly, for those hungry for a daily and continuous space to escape and find balance, Dr. Bhatta has also created the Relaxx App. Launched in 2020 during the heat of the pandemic, this app was designed to help users practice mindfulness, intermittent silence, and meditation.