Reliance Trying For Simultaneous Theatre-OTT Release For Akshay Kumar's Sooryavanshi - EXCLUSIVE

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The deadlock between movie theatres and the OTT platform may soon be resolved, thanks to the initiative taken by Reliance Entertainment to find a solution. Sources say that Reliance’s prestigious product Sooryavanshi is likely to be released almost simultaneously on both the digital and large-screen platforms

“Discussions are on and movie theatres may be allowed to release Sooryavanshi 24 hours ahead of the digital platform, or something similar where the two platforms get breathing space between each other,” says the well-informed source.

However the source adds that the discussions between the producers and exhibitors have not reached a productive stage, what with both the parties adamant on getting to release the film first.A solution is hoped to be arrived at shortly. Sources say once Sooryavanshi gets an amicable double release, other films would find it much easier to opt for the the dual-release strategy.

Image source: IMDb

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