Remainers protest outside Parliament after 'coup'

Pro-Remain protesters outside Parliament

Hundreds of remain-supporters gathered on Wednesday night in the heart of Westminster to protest against the 'coup' that they viewed prorogation as.

Protesters congregated around the area, St Stephen’s Green, where media organisations encamp while covering Brexit matters, and at a signal they pushed aside the barricades and peacefully occupied the space.

Speakers, including Paul Mason, the former Newsnight and Channel Four News journalist, who had publicised the gathering earlier in the day through his Twitter feed, addressed a growing crowd, who chanted 'Stop the coup' throughout the evening.

Mason compared the events of the day with the moves against democratic governments that he has covered in his career, and urged protesters to remain calm and not take their anger out on police officers.

Broadcasters who use the area because of the backdrop of Parliament that it give continued with their programming, despite the noise and chaos going on behind them.

Remain-friendly MPs and peers were warmly greeted by the crowd, many of whom appeared to have gravitated to the protest after finishing their working day in central London.

Some of the regular attendees outside Parliament were present, including the 'Xylophone Guy' who performed renditions of the forbidding Imperial March from Star Wars.

His presence didn't suit all tastes, with one protester asking him if he did requests and another questioning a long-suffering police officer if he could arrest the man to stop him playing.

Speakers at the impromptu rally said that the initial Brexit vote in 2016 had not been a "mandate for fascism", and that the UK was "not Russia or China", where such actions could take place.

For the passing tourist buses, the demonstration would have provided a perfect example of British wit and character - police officers who in previous weeks have battled with Leave supporters were politely treated and banners on show such as 'Worst BJ I Ever Had' displayed traditional native wit.

Later protesters moved to Parliament Square and shut down traffic