Remember Eminem's rap about being questioned by FBI about Trump - that actually went down!

Well, Eminem wasn’t making things up when he said he was interviewed by the Secret Service in his rap song ‘The Ringer’. The freestyle song released in 2018.

It has been proved that Eminem was indeed questioned about his lyrics about President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka.

Marshall Mathers who goes by the stage name Eminem has been vocal about his anti-Trump stand. He released the song ‘Framed’ back in 2017. The song was a part of the ‘Revival’ album. Eminem rapped about Trump and his daughter Ivanka in the song that aired during BET Awards 2017.

Well, Buzzfeed News had filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act, to know if the rapper was interviewed by the Secret Service. According to the documents obtained, the rapper wasn’t lying about it. He was indeed interviewed about the lyrics.

The agents of Secret Service interviewed Eminem on January 16, 2018. The most interesting thing in report is that when agents began reading the lyrics of the song, Eminem started rapping the verses along.

The interview was concluded on a peaceful note and the agents decided that the case will not be referred to a prosecutor as Eminem didn’t seem to pose a threat to the president or his family

It all started when an anonymous caller pointed out that the lyrics of the new song ‘Framed’ had inappropriate comment towards the 45th president, Donald Trump and a threatening comment towards Ivanka Trump.

According to TMZ, the caller asked, “I want to know if your agency is investigating Eminem for his threatening lyrics about First daughter Ivanka Trump.”

In Secret Service’s report, the agents included the lines from the freestyle song. The main focus being, “How the f— is Ivanka Trump in the trunk of my car?/…Plus I feel somewhat responsible for the dumb little blonde/ Girl, that motherf—in’ baton twirler that got dumped in the pond/ Second murder with no recollection of it.”

The report reads, “This is not the first time MATHERS made threatening comments towards POTUS and his family,”

“In June 2017, MATHERS freestyled comments that were threatening in nature towards POTUS.”

In ‘The Ringer’, Eminem raps, “Agent Orange just sent the Secret Service/ To meet in person to see if I really think of hurtin’ him/ Or ask if I’m linked to terrorists / I said, ‘Only when it comes to ink and lyricists.'”

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