'Reminiscence' trailer: 'Nothing is more addictive than the past'

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07 Jun 2021: 'Reminiscence' trailer: 'Nothing is more addictive than the past'

Reminiscence, a sci-fi thriller, takes you through a flooded Miami, while Hugh Jackman is looking to find the truth behind his client's disappearance. But, here's the exciting part: She has disappeared into the world of the past, and it's up to Jackman to save her by accessing lost memories. "Nothing is more addictive than the past," he says, setting up the perfect mood.

Analysis: Trailer: What could go wrong if you can relive memories?

While it sounds exciting to relive your best memories, you could also get lost in those. The trailer addresses just that -- the dangers of spending time in a past, where you might not remember as it happened. Reminiscence is a mixture of Inception and Minority Report; there's a catastrophe, guns blazing, dystopian future, and even holographic technology. What could possibly go wrong, eh?

Story: What is the thriller all about?

Jackman plays Nick Bannister, who has the power to relive his past through futuristic tech, and even lets his clients live inside their memories. However, things go awry when a mysterious woman asks for his help to discover something. And, she finds herself amid a spate of crimes. Now, Bannister navigates through the past to search for his love, and find out her truth.

Quote: 'It's not sci-fi, this is humanity,' Jackman praises the movie

Jackman believes his upcoming movie will connect with everyone, and praised Reminiscence as "something new and original." "This is not just sci-fi— this is humanity," he shared. "It's a heart-ripping open; it's life and death." The Logan actor joked, "I would [still] like to be in Westworld, just to be clear. But I have a gut feeling [Reminiscence] will connect in all different places."

Details: Cast, release date, and other details of the film

Apart from Jackman, the movie also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Thandiwe Newton, Daniel Wu, and Cliff Curtis. The highly-anticipated movie is set for release in the US and HBO Max on August 20 this year. Reminiscence will be Lisa Joy's first feature film. She is best known as the co-creator of HBO's hit series Westworld. Jonathan Nolan, who is Joy's husband, is bankrolling the project.

Trivia: Here are some interesting facts about 'Reminiscence'

Lead actors Jackman and Ferguson had also starred in The Greatest Showman (2017). Filmmaker Christopher Nolan is the brother-in-law of Reminiscence director Lisa Joy. Joy revealed that although the movie is a science-fiction thriller, it tackles real-life issues like climate change and wealth disparity. "For me, science fiction is a metaphor on a grand scale. It's a way of examining the world around us."

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