Renowned Blogger and Entrepreneur Sabbir Rayhan and MD Moshiur Rahman on How To Succeed With Startup

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"There are way too many ideas around us to start with, but a lack of the courage to pursue them"

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These are some of the finest lines that we can conclude from the life of young digital marketer and entrepreneur Md Moshiur Rahman and Sabbir Rayhan, expert bloggers and the founders of successful digital marketing agencies and news platforms.

Like scores of individuals who have dreams that they wish to materialize when they have enough, both these men of courage set out to lead an unprecedented career, but the duo did not wait for any right time to go ahead with their venture, instead, they took the time and at very tender ages, they began to turn their dreams into reality. For they believe, that all it takes to build your own empire -is courage.

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Having a smashing career of over 9 years is Md Moshiur Rahman, aged 19 and is a renowned web designer/blogger who has mastered the art of digital marketing. Being an inspiration to many, he has turned into a social media influencer who has gained almost 20 million followers on both Facebook and Instagram combined.

Not only has he been associated with top international projects but Moshiur has carved a name for himself in various blog niches in content for various international journalists.

Moshiur always had an entrepreneurial vision since childhood, therefore, once he found his way with digital marketing he immediately took the plunge and started to spearhead digital marketing agencies with his own ideas.

Another startup junkie who has been the founder of various news portals is Sabbir Rayhan, the proficient blogger and digital marketer who dons many hats has founded platforms with millions of viewers worldwide such as 'News Bangla' and 'Bdbazar Patrika'. Simultaneously is also associated as the advisor and Managing Director at "City24news".

Sabbir also had the vision to not fall into the trap of 9-5 and was always strong willed to become an entrepreneur, he says," People look for the perfect time to pursue their dreams, but I believe that whenever you feel you have the opportunity, you must channelise all your energy towards your startup, if you start early, even if you fail, you will have sufficient time to rebuild your empire", such thoughts of this inspiring duo makes them stand out of the crowd.