Renowned Musical Artist Damon Fletcher Holds a Once-in-a-Lifetime Contest To Meet Usher

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The global pandemic has been a blight in our modern society, but there have been a few exceptional individuals who have made things happen despite the massive hurdle the world was facing. Damon Fletcher started creating music during the pandemic, discovering his artistry through passion, hard work, and dedication.

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He released his debut video, “Hustle with a Purpose,” featuring the Crushboys during the height of the global pandemic last May. Damon’s video garnered over 400,000 views on YouTube and gained a lot of traction on various mainstream music platforms.

“When I made ‘Hustle with a Purpose,’ I wanted to include dances that we see at weddings that would make people smile and find hope,” said Damon.

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The esteemed music artist consistently released videos that would help uplift people despite the dark times that the global pandemic brought. In August 2020, Damon Fletcher released another pandemic DIY-produced video entitled “2 Miles” featuring The Crushboys. The video sought to spread the message of positivity and to reach for one’s dreams. Damon expressed that he wrote the song, seeing as how much the world opened up to him because of traveling. The song is an ode to traveling and an anthem that seeks to bring the world back to a sense of normalcy, especially when it comes to our closed borders.

In the wake of a global pandemic, Damon Fletcher remained unfazed as he endeavored to produce two videos. As a true artist, he never let anything stand in his way when it came to expressing himself and creating beautiful art. “Once you find your passion, if you work hard and stay focused, your dreams can come true,” explained Damon.

Damon’s hit release “Ready” featuring Cupid from Cupid Shuffle has amassed him international recognition among fans and celebrities alike. Some of the greatest music legends have taken a liking towards Damon, including Ne-Yo. Released on May 7, 2021, the song reflects the changes that have been brought about as the effects of the global pandemic slowly drift away.

Damon Fletcher was able to resume almost normal circumstances when he shot his third video on location in California with a director, a producer and dancers.

“Ready” is all about chasing one’s dreams and going full speed ahead. The song perfectly captures that vibe along with a beat that was motivated by Damon’s love for Usher. He credits the multi-Grammy-award-winning artist as one of his prime motivators in pursuing a career in music. In fact, after attending one of Usher’s masterclasses, he was further motivated to hone his craft and stake his claim in the industry.

Damon Fletcher is currently running a contest to win a trip to meet with Usher in Las Vegas for a once-in-a-lifetime VIP concert experience. Fans of Damon and Usher alike will greatly enjoy this golden opportunity.

In the near future, Damon Fletcher hopes to emulate the success of many legendary artists before him. He envisions himself winning multiple Grammy awards as he continues to hone his craft and keep dishing out amazing music that uplifts his audience and spreads a genuine message of positivity and good vibes.