Republic Day 2021: 'Freedom of Speech Is Not To Spread Hatred And Pass Judgements,' Says Rochelle Rao- EXCLUSIVE

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Actress Rochelle Rao has always been one to speak her mind and voice her opinions on subjects of importance.

Expressing her point of view on 'Freedom of Speech', a topic which has become very debatable in this day and age, Rochelle states that while this right is extremely important for citizens of our country, it is sadly being violated in many ways in these recent times. ALSO READ: 'I Overcame My Fear Of Entering The Kitchen In 2020,' Says Bigg Boss 9 Contestant Rochelle Rao- EXCLUSIVE

Rochelle shares,"Freedom of Speech is very important, especially in our country where times are evolving so rapidly. However, I also feel that social media has taken away the whole purpose behind freedom of speech. This right is not to spread hate or any kind of judgement, because that is just adding on to all the negativity prevalent in the world. Freedom of Speech needs to have a purpose, to uplift, to encourage, and to set people free for the right cause. Eventually it is all of us who are the bright future of this country, so we need to ensure that this freedom to express ourselves, needs to be done in the right manner and with utmost responsibility of not hurting anybody with our words. This freedom came to us because of men and women who sacrificed their lives for us to have this kind of freedom, which needs to be respected and not misused!" ALSO READ: Republic Day 2021: Kangana Ranaut Shares A Thoughtful Video As She Enlightens Everyone About The Constitution And India Attained Freedom – VIDEO

Image Source: Instagram/rochellerao ,BrandNBuzz

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