Republic Day: Have We Really Upheld And Honored our Indian Constitution? Are We Proud Indians?

Rutunjay Dole
·2-min read

26 January the date celebrated as Republic Day of India to commemorate the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect, in the year 1950 and the country become republic. India is celebrating 72nd Republic Day this year.

The constitution of India was adopted on November 26, 1949; many considered it necessary to celebrate the document on a day associated with national pride, which was declared as January 26.

But now after 72 years of independence and being a republic country, seeing today’s atmosphere in the country the question comes that have we really upheld and honored our constitution? Let’s take a look at following points:

Are We Secular Enough?

India Bounded Around Secularism
India Bounded Around Secularism

India is a secular country, everyone knows that but many haven’t accepted the term secularism identifying recent Delhi Riots in 2019-20; pulling down the acts Modi government imposed for citizenship amendment. It was just a recent example but the nation has experienced many more religious crises over the years. Though experts said the reason behind its success and longevity in such a pluralistic country has been its secular nature.

While constitutions around the world that were adopted about the same time as India have been floundered, the Indian Constitution has survived the test of time.

Blurring Modernization Over Westernization

Increasing Demand of Westernization
Increasing Demand of Westernization

One of the biggest conflicts new Indian generations are facing unknowingly is the attraction towards westernization. It’s not really about cloths that is fashion, it’s not about food or diet but it’s about culture, behavior, thinking patterns and habitual.

Westernization is not wrong but pretending it a modern culture is. Youths in India often think that they are having modern lifestyle while spending some AM hours with friends, unfortunately we are letting go the rich culture of India over the periods.

Are We Really Democratic?

India Owns World’s Biggest Democracy!
India Owns World’s Biggest Democracy!

“India owns world’s biggest, richest and decorated democracy,” is a fact also many countries follow our democracy and constitution. But only one fact would prove this incorrect that is voters count in India. The voter turnout in India from last two Loksabha elections is 66% and 67% respectively, is that enough to call a democratic country? Though 67% count in 2019 was the highest till the date.

There has been disinterest shown by youth especially in the voting, elections and politics of the country. The fact would surprise you but this is it we are going through today. On this 72nd Republic day we have to promise ourselves of keeping the rich heritage of our nation alive and strengthen it by adding new but significant flavors.