Research Says A Mom’s Job Is Equal To Two And A Half Jobs

Research Says A Mom’s Job Is Equal To Two And A Half Jobs

Mum Rasika Sahani confesses that she feels she’s perpetually in  a state of stress and exhaustion. “Before becoming a mom, I used to think waking up at 7 and going for a 9-6 job was tiring. Now, ‘tired’ has taken a whole new meaning. I am EXHAUSTED ALL THE TIME!” She sighs.


Cooking, driving, playing, cleaning up, changing diapers, feeding, scheduling, entertaining and teaching. Motherhood is a full-time job, but now a research says that it is almost two and a half times a normal full-time job.


A US survey of 2000 mothers and children aged 5 to 12 reveals that a mom will start work at 6.23am on an average and continue doing “mommy duties” till 8.31pm on a usual day. This breaks down to doing a 14-hour shift seven days a week which is beyond the working hours of any normal job.


When asked what gets them through these inhuman hours of work, mums said they relied on coffee, naps (whenever possible), Netflix, toys and iPads.


A similar study conducted in 2013 found that an average mom’s to-do list consists of 26 tasks that includes organising snacks, making breakfast and remembering key appointment dates.


There’s no doubt that a mum has the toughest job in the world. Reigning Miss World Manushi Chillar hit the nail on the head when she said mums need to be paid the highest respect. She won the crown and our hearts, because every word of her statement had truth in it.


There are times when a mom breaks down and thinks that she won’t be able to do it, but all she needs is a bit help, support, appreciation and encouragement. And she deserves it, two and a half times more than a normal person. Don’t you agree?


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