This resort in Hampi is for a royal stay

Written and produced by Rummana Ahmed

Camera and Editing: Gautham Gopi

The Evolve Back Resort in Kamlapura is the only 5 star resort in Hampi - located just 4 km from the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The fort like entrance, the archways and the stone-paved lawns take you back to the golden days of the 14th century Vijaynagara Empire.

The management however is ensuring that in the present Covid-era, all safety protocol is followed.

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Inspired by the architectural design of the bygone era - this resort has managed to successfully blend historical charm with modern day comfort.

Interestingly, the different types of suites here reflect the Indo – Islamic style mirroring the secular architecture of Hampi.

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One of the most preferred options at the Kamala Pura Palace is the Jal Mahal inspired by the Zenana enclosure for royal women of the Vijaynagara empire.

It has its own separate dining, living and sleeping areas, and a royal sized bath with open courtyards.

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This place is not just about extravagance - it is also about spending time with family or may be even rediscovering solitude.

You can slow down, unwind and reclaim an unhurried pace of living for the duration of your stay here.

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