Respect your Life’s Learning

A wise saying states that a stitch made at the right time may save an entire garment from unravelling. Similarly, every lesson that we learn during this journey of life comes in handy at the opportune moment saving us from a world of pain.

This is the reason why we need to respect all learning. What you learnt as a child may still prove to be helpful to you now. Knowledge of living is eternal in nature.

Experiences of our school days do not remain relegated in the past of our childhood, we still remember those lessons. Therefore, it is important that we become receptive and open to all sources of learning.

Application of a life lesson does not follow the instant gratification rule. But, there is nothing that happens here without a good reason.

We cross paths with the people that we are destined to, we encounter situations that help us in our growth and teach us something. While we do have freewill to decide the choices we make, our journeys are also those fractionally predetermined, in the same way how we do not choose who our parents are.

As an example, the words of advice given to us by our parents do not seem relevant to us in the prime of our youth, but they eventually hold true for most things. Our collective experiences serve to shape us into certain moulds that also absorb life’s truths at the allotted time.

In the school of life, we are eternal students and how we implement the lessons we learn along the way determine our merit. The paths that we all take are unique and fiercely individual, yet we are strangely and unsurprisingly interconnected.

We are here to observe, experience, learn, evolve and live in the best way that we can, and the journey is about becoming the brightest that we can be.

- Grand Master Akshar, Yoga Master & Spiritual Guru