Restaurant review: Smoke House delight

Déjà vu — the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before. That’s the first thing that ran through my head as soon as I stepped inside the Smoke House Deli at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel.

I had visited this same branch a few months ago and was a little upset when I got to know that they were soon to close for renovation. The ambience was homely, the staff, warm and the food was excellent. Why change something if it ain’t broke?

Regardless, the European cafe reopened recently and Marie (the significant other) and I decided to head over and check out the new revamped Smoke House Deli.

Smoke House Deli 2.0 hasn’t changed too much on the surface - a good thing, in my opinion. The restaurant has retained the charm from earlier and the new rebranded artsy feel has helped freshen things up.

I was greeted by Saurabh Mayekar, the manager who showed me to my table — the exact same one where I was seated the last time I came here. Saurabh is one of the most enthusiastic managers I’ve met and he takes deep pride in his work. He calls for a portion of the bread basket along with the cold ham meat platter for us to munch on while we discover the extensive menu.

And here’s where you’re reminded of this establishment being new and improved. The menu retains most of the good dishes from the old menu but also gets a good injection of newer, greener and healthier options — a great way of attracting customers who are on Keto or simply looking for a healthier option.

Not us though. We’re not here to cut down on carbs. We’re here to eat meat. Luckily, Saurabh approves and he suggests we start off with a portion each of the prawns in butter garlic, the famed sausage platter and a classic pepperoni pizza.

To make things a little more interesting, Smoke House Deli adds a slight twist to some of these dishes — something that everyone might not take well to. They also make their own dough and words really can’t describe the freshness of their pizza.

For mains, we called for a portion of the Carbonara pasta. Marie and I are ardent Carbonara fans and we usually drive around town exploring the different restaurants that serve this pasta.

And yes, we both arrived at the conclusion that this place probably has one of the best Carbonaras we’ve ever had. So if you love bacon and are visiting SHD2.0, make sure to order a portion of this.

There also is a new ‘Pickup and go’ section that stocks food products which are perfect for a quick parcel. These are made in the SHD kitchen itself and they claim that it’s as fresh as the a la carte food they serve. 

I think I’m happy to report that Smoke House Deli has changed, but it’s only for the better and all the good parts have been retained.

Where: Smoke House Deli, High Street PhoenixLower Parel, Mumbai