Web Review - Chappad Phaad Ke: Never a dull moment

Imagine stumbling upon an unclaimed suitcase full of Rs 2000 notes, especially when our beloved PM had sounded off the ruthless demonetisation! Well, the question is, what would you do? Would you take the bag and walk away? Or would you ignore the bag and pretend like you’ve seen nothing at all? (Foolish move).

The next important question would be, what would happen to you, if you claimed that suitcase full of cash to no higher authority other than yourself? What would happen to your legit ‘sanskaari’ self? Would it yet be stayed? Or would it go for an absolute toss? Pheww…posed way too many questions here.

Well, Chappad Phaad Ke is a Hotstar Special that premiered on October 17, 2019, on Hotstar. It is a fantastic film that showcases the perfect rendezvous of drama with comedy, giving you a glimpse into the life of a Pune-based middleclass family. According to the revered method actor, Vinay Pathak, we learn, “The human being is very complex. Imagine being brought up in a typical middleclass Indian household, and suddenly you see a whole lot of cash.

The grey shade in such an individual is going to emerge so organically!” As an actor Vinay Pathak has justified his role as Sharad Gupchup. Pathak plays the role of the head of the family wonderfully well. According to him, even though the OTT platform doesn’t invest in a widespread canvas as in commercial cinema, one receives immediate gratification of the work done on a global platform. “In spite of all the different media making itself omnipresent to the viewer’s convenience, stage will always remain my first love,” he adds.

Sheetal Thakur plays Ketaki. Ketaki is Sharad Gupchup’s rather responsible and hard-working daughter. Sheetal states, “I have enjoyed playing the typical ‘Punechi Mulgi’. Since I come from the northern parts of India, I have worked hard at getting the Marathi lingo and intonation right. I cannot exactly state that Ketaki is me, but I have seen many like Ketaki around me.”

The famous actor Siddharth Menon has made his presence felt in regional cinema. He shares, “I have totally enjoyed playing Shubham, Sharad Gupchup’s son, who yearns to become a photographer, but is struggling to explain to his parents that the art form does have a promising future for budding professionals. The part I play is a phase that is braved by every young enthusiastic teenager. I have loved playing this part!”

The performances are stellar, especially when the family actually spots the suitcase full of money. The expressions are simply priceless! The production is spot on in terms of having the right props, sets, and costumes.

There isn’t a dull moment in the film! Director Hemant Joshi has accurately manoeuvred the plot to keep the viewer’s interest alive. The characters have evolved organically with a plot, which enables them to play their part very naturally, befitting the situation. The comic timing is perfect. Overall, a fantastic movie, with an ending that is left open to the viewer’s imagination. Perhaps the director plans on a sequel!