Review: Kia Seltos diesel BS6

Kia Seltos diesel review

The Seltos has finally been launched and that too at a price that has sent shock waves through the industry. The equipment, quality and overall packaging, along with the value for money on offer, means it is currently one of the best options around.

We earlier reviewed the petrol DCT automatic Seltos and, now, here is a review of the diesel version. Diesel is indeed a much-talked-about topic and something that leads to more questions than answers in the minds of buyers.

Kia Seltos diesel review

However, Kia is offering a BS6 compliant diesel Seltos — this makes sense if you do a lot of kilometres/road trips. No other SUV has a BS6 compliant engine at this price and that is an advantage the Kia has for sure, especially in terms of re-sale value.

The engine is a new 1.5l diesel that makes 115 bhp and 250Nm. This is much improved over the 1.6 diesel of the Creta or even the 2.0 Multijet diesel that powers many SUVs at this price point.

Kia Seltos diesel review

There is hardly any diesel noise, but you do realise it's a diesel engine, albeit a very refined one. Power delivery is very smooth and build-up is linear too. I liked the diesel 6-speed manual as it has a light shift action while the clutch is also not heavy to use.

With a heavier engine up front, the Seltos still did not feel nose-heavy, while its ride and handling sporty and firm. I also liked the soundness of the steering and stability, which is usually lacking in Korean cars.

The diesel Seltos is the one to buy if you want range and efficiency.

Kia Seltos diesel review

The Seltos diesel also gets a torque converter automatic which is even smoother and is perfect for those who crave for an automatic with good mileage. It is actually the best diesel-auto combo now at this price.

However, do note that the diesel Seltos is not available in the GT line trim, and while you get a lot of features in the HT line, you do miss out on stuff like rain-sensing wipers, a 360 degree camera, blind view monitor and the heads up display, all of which the GT trim has. That said, as mentioned earlier, you do get the Bose audio system, powered and ventilated driver's seat, wireless charging, sunroof, air purifier etc.

Kia Seltos diesel gearbox

Overall, at Rs 16 lakh for the top-end diesel, it is still fantastic value considering what features you get. Yes, it is not perfect, but the Seltos has the smoothness, a BS6 engine, and an automatic option. While the diesel may not be as desirable as the GT Line petrol models, it still makes more sense.