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Throwback to the golden era of the Samachar; times we got the news delivered to us, fair and square. The precise, to the point information without trails of personal opinions of the anchors suffixing every event and incident. Those were the days, we had news-readers for 30 minutes, not news manufacturers churning out "Breaking News" every hour. Most importantly, there were no debates and debaters throwing mics and flinging slaps at each other.

Revisiting 10 Doordarshan shows we could never get enough of #60_Years_of_Doordarshan

It started of as an experimental broadcast with the studios of the All India Radio as its initial home. All it had in this make-shift studio was a a small transmitter and a handful of other basic equipments to run the show in the early years.

Doordashan could introduce the national telecast service from its exclusive studios not before 1982; it was also the year when viewers saw the then PM, Indira Gandhi’s Independence Day speech LIVE, in color.

It has been quite a journey for India’s first national channel. Everyone has a list of his DD favorites. Here’s ours. Let us know what was your favorite in the comment section below.