Revisiting 'Tum Milo To Sahi' on its 11th release anniversary

Shreya Mukherjee
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02 Apr 2021: Revisiting 'Tum Milo To Sahi' on its 11th release anniversary

Set around a popular neighborhood eatery facing the danger of getting encroached by a big firm, Tum Milo Toh Sahi gave an ode to human bonds and sensitivity.

Starring National Film Award winners Nana Patekar and Dimple Kapadia, the soulful movie had released on this date in 2010.

As the movie completes 11 years, let's take you down memory lane.

Cafe characters: In the movie, six lives had criss-crossed at 'Lucky Cafe'

At the movie's center was one Lucky Cafe in Mumbai, where six lives from three generations were woven together.

There was the cafe owner Kapadia's cordial presence balancing out Patekar's gruff demeanor; an ambitious Suniel Shetty walking on a tightrope with wife Vidya Malavade, who was tired of his towering power-hunger.

Anjana Sukhani and Rehan Khan played two college students who frequented the place.

Plot: The movie had potential but failed to take off

In the movie, the lives of the characters were turned upside down when their favorite spot's existence was endangered.

A corporate chain eyed the cafe and tried to take it over. However, its motive faced the resistance of common people.

Though the story had the potential to strike a chord with viewers, this Kabir Sadanand-directorial had failed at the box office.

Reviews: Critics had disliked the movie's convoluted storyline

The biggest drawback of this heartfelt movie was that it struggled to fit too many backstories without finesse or style.

By the time the story arrived at the courtroom for the final battle, viewers were left bemused.

A critic had rightly pointed out: "The delicacy of the subject is certainly there on the screenplay. You can't sense it on the screen."

Reunion: The movie marked the reunion of Kapadia and Patekar

The movie reunited Kapadia and Patekar after their 1994 film Krantiveer, which still remains an iconic Hindi movie. In fact, critics were impressed with the performances of the acting stalwarts.

However, during the movie's promotion, Kapadia had called Patekar's behavior "obnoxious."

This comment of hers had gotten attention after actress Tanushree Dutta leveled sexual misconduct allegations against Patekar in 2018.