'Revolution in the Ecommerce Business World' – Joaquin Corrales

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Joaquin Corrales a college dropout and currently working as one of the most successful Ecommerce entrepreneur and an investor.

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Immigration is tough for anyone in this world & specially for those who have not much plans and belonging to rely on. It was the same with Joaquin, he was an immigrant who came from Cuba in 2002 when he was just 5 years old who belonged from a lower middle class family.

He barely had anything when he immigrated but can say almost nothing. His struggles in his life led him becoming a millionaire in the youthful age of 22. He is the founder of Ecommerce . io .

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The company has its plans which assures success to the clients.” Our Ecom Masters program has everything a beginner needs to start and grow a successful e-commerce business “Says Joaquin Corrales. Further more he added; By being a part of this program, you will get access to on-demand trainings, coaching, and private software designed to give you an advantage over competitors. Entrepreneurs or 9-5 employees who want to start an ecommerce business and have the time, energy and financial resources needed to do it.

He says that his motive is to make and create a difference in the business world by not only achieving success but also helping others to achieve their goals. He added “ We manage and run e-commerce stores for hundreds of different investors through our E – commerce automation services.

Joaquin’s biggest motivation is thought of leaving a legacy behind him and making sure that his company is positively impacting the world.

Also it can be said that he is a revolution in the business world by creating the differences and amendments he has been able to make till now.