Reya S: Entrepreneur, Content Creator And Designer!


Reya was born and raised in Dubai- a forever growing and changing city. She studied advertising and graphic design and brought a French costume jewelry brand – Les Néréides to the UAE 3 years ago.

She started working at the age of 15 and hasn’t stopped since, Les Néréides added immense value and taught her so much about the jewelry industry and how to run a business. Alongside that Reya has been creating content for over 2 years, but has recently been getting noticed for her unique everyday style and her beauty content.

Her content is based on styling, skin care, makeup, cafes, lots of travel and good food. She also supports and loves Indian Designers and has been wearing them and creating awareness about them in the region.

Her education in design shows in all her work and great aesthetic is always top priority, colors, typography, balance are all part of her social story. She also recently launched her YouTube channel that focuses on fashion styling and vlogs.

Her biggest motto in life is Balance- that is what she portrays and advocates – Balance with work, family, travel, fashion, and self care.

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