Riccardo Lanzo: A Renowned Social Media Lawyer and Bestselling Author

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His services has helped many multinationals and celebrities understanding tricky aspects of law and regulations.

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Social network is one of the biggest network providing services across the globe. To handle any network is quite tricky, it has numerous disputes and complicated aspects arising on daily basis. To solve all the disputes under the process of law, it requires highly qualified-knowledgeable person to tackle this massive network. It highly demands a pro knowledgeable person, who can process the work very smoothly and efficiently. Meet one such amazing personality who is one of the famous Italian social network lawyer – Riccardo Lanzo. He is also hired by “Khaby Lame” an international TikTok star to protect his image.

Riccardo Lanzo forms an unmovable force and backbone of social media networks when it comes to managing law, conflicts and disputes. He solves issues and countless disputes diligently that occurs on the internet and in social networks between national laws and international regulations. He even has very active collaborations with Italian university such as IULM and LUM. He is an avid writer and has written several books, to name few of them- "Facebook law" "Google law" "Right to be forgotten". Riccardo latest book "Right to Oblivion" has been a best seller which was released last year.

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Riccardo has helped many clients who find themselves stuck in managing law, regulations, and disputes over social media. He has swiftly been able to manage firms brand reputation on the social media domain. Some of his elite clientele includes TikTok Star Khaby Lame, important boutique law firm in northern Italy and many Italian and foreign multi-national companies as well.

In addition of being a value-add lawyer and author, Riccardo also loves to impart his knowledge to others and is a well-known teacher as well. He teaches Social Law at the university and has helped many upcoming students help solve matters of law and other judiciary concerns.

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