Richa Chadha on Adult-Film Star Shakeela: To Celebrate Her, You’ll Have to Admit That You Watched Those Films

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Richa Chadha stars as the adult film star in the eponymously titled, Shakeela. After multiple delays, the movie is releasing five languages theatrically across the country. Richa is excited. In an interview with The Indian Express, the actress talked about the fact that despite being such a bankable star Shakeela's journey is barely celebrated. Richa pointed out beautifully that to celebrate Shakeela's success, the public will have to accept watching her films. Nail on the head. "It is a big thing in the film itself. She wasn’t really looking at becoming a big star or a big actor," Richa said. Shakeela Movie Review: 'Riveting Tale' or 'Wannabe Dirty Picture', Critics Are Divided Over Richa Chadha's New Film.

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"So, the question of celebrating her success does not arise, because to celebrate her, you’ll have to admit that you watched those films, which nobody was prepared to do," Richa added. Shakeela Song Taaza: Richa Chadha's Dance Number Is Anything but Fresh (Watch Video).

Richa continued, "She was somebody who was aware that people will watch her films and they’d never publicly accept that they watched her film, and maybe that’s why she also had a body-double for all her scenes after a certain point of success. I mean, this is just common hypocrisy in society, and this is the big theme in our film."

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Richa also stressed on the fact that Shakeela always looked at this as merely her job to pay her cheques. "Shakeela didn’t want to do these films or be a star. Her mother pushed her into this to earn money for the family. Her mother was a junior artiste, so there was always access for her to this world. Having said that, because Shakeela was not interested in this career at all, she only did what she did for the money. She realised that this is helping her pay the bills and taking care of the family. For her, this was just her job," Richa explained.