Richa Chadha’s power-packed workout is goals. Have you seen it yet?

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Have you watched Richa Chadha's workout yet? (Photo: File/Richa Chadha/Instagram; designed by Gargi Singh)

Would you believe us if we told you that in 20 minutes, you can get all the benefits of a three-hour workout? Still have doubts? Take a look at what actor Richa Chadha recently posted.

She captioned the post, "In today’s times, everyone’s relationship with their body is complicated... more on this later !??????but exercise is a great cure for a bad mood!"

Wondering what the workout is all about? It's called EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation where a machine attached to the muscles helps deliver electrical impulses that stimulate contraction, which further intensifies one's workout in a way that the human body can't achieve on its own.

EMS is said to work on the physiological principle of the human body where the brain sends electrical impulses to muscles for stimulating movements. The workout uses the same natural principle to stimulate the muscles albeit with the help of machines.

It makes your exercise even more challenging and can help burn more calories.

How does it actually work?

An EMS machine, which is connected to a device, is strapped on to a practitioner. The device places electrodes all over the body to target different muscle groups. While sometimes a practitioner wears a vest, at other times, electrode pads are placed on the heaviest part of the muscle and secured with velcro straps.

As per the body's requirements, a tailored workout begins with strengthening exercises and simple gymnastics. Even if the workout lasts 20 minutes, it is claimed to be as effective as a three-hour long workout.

The electrical impulses ensure that the body is fired up much faster compared to a manual workout, with less exertion yet working out all muscle groups at the same time.

While this form of exercise may not cause improvement in overall health and fitness as per FDA, it is claimed to be helpful in streamlining fitness targets and ensuring that one doesn't hesitate from taking up challenges, like Chadha.

Some of the benefits of the exercise include a toned body, improving posture, working out all muscle groups at the same time while actually saving some time.

However, like many other exercise methods, EMS should only be done under expert supervision.

Are you game?