Ricky Gervais turns 60: Celebrating the 'The Office' star's journey

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Ricky Gervais turns 60: Celebrating the
Ricky Gervais turns 60: Celebrating the

25 Jun 2021: Ricky Gervais turns 60: Celebrating the 'The Office' star's journey

Ricky Gervais has many faces. Be it as an actor, director, writer, host, or comic, Gervais has charmed us for over two decades. Winner of 25 Emmy awards, 11 BAFTAs, and nine Golden Globes, the star was also recently named in the "Walk of Fame Class of 2022" honors list. On his 60th birthday, let us celebrate the English entertainer through his varied work.

Trend-setter: He co-created, starred in the original 'The Office'

Those of you who grew up admiring Steve Carell as Michael Scott from the super famous American mockumentary sitcom The Office should definitely watch the OG series, Gervais' version. Much smaller than the US cousin, the British show was created, written, and directed by Gervais and Stephen Merchant. It is Gervais' best role, according to Rotten Tomatoes, which gave us the iconic David Brent.

Excellence: 'Extras' was fresh, innovative but it concluded too soon

Only concluding after two seasons and a special, Extras was fresh in its approach and a revolutionary take on a show. Again created and written by the Gervais-Merchant duo, the series focused on an extra, Andy Millman (Gervais), who would meet with one superstar (cameo played by real renowned actors) every week. Actors like Kate Winslet, Patrick Stewart, and Ben Stiller featured here.

Brutal: Who can forget the raw 'Golden Globes' monologue

Having hosted the Golden Globes five times in total, Gervais shook up the whole world during his last stint in 2020. His monologue targeted celebrities, big corporations, without any subtlety. Attacks were aimed at actress Felicity Huffman (who was jailed for bribing her child's admission into universities), racism in Hollywood, and Leonardo DiCaprio's dating choices. Many elites took a shot that day.

Newest: Gervais' latest Netflix venture 'After Life' is dark comedy

Although Gervais has worked in several movies like Stardust and Night at the Museum, his 2019 Netflix series After Life is more distinctly his. Created, written, and directed by Gervais, the show is set around Tony Johnson (Gervais), a widower who is still mourning his wife, who died of breast cancer. Immensely dark and depressing, the show has unique moments of light and respite.

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