Rihanna just graced us with a lip paint tutorial

Laura Beck
Photo credit: Getty

From Cosmopolitan UK

Rihanna, Forever Queen and Goddess behind Fenty Beauty, has announced the launch of her brand new Stunna Lip Paint.

In case you've been on the moon recently, you'll know that Fenty beauty is getting rave reviews for its diversity and originality - plus have you seen that packaging? When it was announced that Rihanna would be launching a red liquid lipstick we eagerly added the release date to our diaries (23rd November, FYI).

Now it's fast-approaching, the ever-witty businesswoman is promoting the Stunna colour - and we're all about her technique.

Of course, since she's Rih Rih, she's anticipating Stunna's release with some extra flair - an Instagram lip tutorial. It's honestly the best thing that's ever been on a screen. Cancel HBO and just watch this instead. It's better than Game of Thrones (and sexier, too! I said it!).

Rihanna captioned the post, "#stunna ]]>💋🤷🏽💋🤷🏽