Rilk Dacleu - Idrac on promoting emerging talent in the music industry along with Steve Aoki

On the topic of musical pursuits, we hear renowned entrepreneur and public figure, Rilk, is expanding into a music-oriented avenue! Alongside the expertise of electronic dance music producer and award-winning DJ Steve Aoki, they are working together on promoting young new talent!

The American EDM Sensation is known for providing opportunity to diverse brilliance across the music space, while Rilk is known to be a supporter of several noteworthy causes.

Their coming together seemed like the most beneficial collaboration to provide a platform on a more significant level so more gifted people can aspire to someday become well-known for their talent.

Anything is possible when Rilk sets out to pursuit it! Tying up with Aoki to nurture careers is the latest feather to his hat of many achievements.

Apart from this, Rilk is no stranger to EDM Music, often spotted at festivals like E-Zoo and Tomorrowland enjoying amongst the list of his other wild obsessions!