'The Rise of Skywalker' will deal with 'Reylo' thing: Daisy Ridley

Shubha Dubey

Los Angeles, Oct 19 (PTI) Actor Daisy Ridley says the upcoming installment of 'Star Wars' franchise, 'The Rise of Skywalker', will address the relationship between her character Rey and Adam Driver's Kylo Ren.

The two characters, who are set to go head-to-head in the new film, shared a rather ambiguous moment in Rian Johnson-directed 2017 film 'The Last Jedi', which led to fans speculating about a budding romance between them. Many dubbed them as 'Reylo'.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ridley said 'The Rise of Skywalker' does not avoid this issue and director JJ Abrams has dealt with it 'really well'.

'It does not bother me, people writing theories. It's really fun hearing them. Plus, because I know what's sort of going to happen, I think it'll be really interesting to see people's reaction to (the final film). Obviously, there's this whole Reylo thing and some people are very passionate about it, some aren't.

'JJ does deal it (it). It's a very complex issue. People talk about toxic relationships and whatever it is. It's no joke and I think it's dealt with really well because it's not skimmed over,' Ridley said.

'The Rise of Skywalker' will release worldwide in December this year. PTI RB SHD