Rishi Kapoor agrees with Kangana Ranaut, says 'some press members write irresponsibly'

Rishi Kapoor has been in New York since last nine months and has one and a half more month to go. He has been undergoing a treatment for cancer which is both long and painful. Through this all, he has been looking chirpy and composed in all his photos with wife Neetu Kapoor who has been a pillar of strength to him.

He spoke recently about all this and of course his plans after coming back to Mumbai. He revealed that he has been feeling homesick and he can’t wait to get back and resume work. In fact in will do dubbing work for a project while in New York. His film, Jhootha Kahin Ka, is set to release this Friday!

He said that he will listen to narration of a movie soon. He also revealed that he would get back to Mumbai by September, hopefully, and then start working by the end of the month. On asked if he is upset with makers of Jhootha Kahin Ka for releasing the movie this Friday, he said that it was a false news and that he agrees with Kangana Ranaut about her statement that there is a section of media which reports false news and credibility of other journalists is questioned.

Having that said that, he made it clear that he does not agree with everything that Kangana says.

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