From the River to the Stadium with Thomas Lopez and Anti-Nowhere League!


It all started with the booking agent Chuck Bernal from Artists Worldwide in Los Angeles who is booking for Anti-Nowhere League calling me up and asking if I wanted to put a band on a few US shows in June with Anti-Nowhere League and I said yes I have the perfect band The Besmirchers and we can provide the backline gear too. Chuck Bernal booked three shows for Anti-Nowhere League. Me and my friend Kirk Reznik and artist development for Slope Records left Phoenix, Arizona June 26th 2019 in a Slope Records bus and headed to Las Vegas, Nevada to pick up The League.

It’s a 5 hour drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas so me and Kirk just talked on the drive about a new rap artist we are developing named Jack Acid. We arrived at Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and I could see The League waiting outside for us to swoop them up. I pulled up and Animal the singer says to me “have you been driving long…do you need some coffee or something?” I said no we are good let’s pool to Bullhead City! So we load in the bus and head back to Bullhead City, Arizona to a Colorado River front venue called Lazy Harry’s for the show that night. We arrive in Laughlin, NV which is close to Bullhead City and I take them to Colorado Belle Casino and as I pull up I recognize the place from a shooting between two MC clubs Hells Angels and The Mongols and I said to everyone hey this is the casino of a real biker shoot out. I pick them up later that night and we go to Lazy Harry’s and the crowd is small and kinda weird vibe club but we had a rager time. After the gig we all head to our hotels and crash. Next day we wake up and head to Las Vegas for a show at The Dive Bar a well known punk rock bar down and dirty. We checked into some hotel rooms and crashed for a bit then got ready and headed down to the club, we hung out most of the night on the Slope Records bus and everyone was drinking and partying away all night. At one point a girl jumps on the hood of the bus and starts showing her boobs and ass through the windshield and yelling Animal!

The show started and it went off in punk rock form with a good rage pit and crowd and ended the set nicely with “Woman” and a whole crew of girls shaking it up on stage. We head to our rooms and crash out so we can rest up for the drive to Los Angeles the next day for the film premiere of “We Are The League” a documentary that tells the full uncensored story of how a biker, a skinhead, a grammar school boy and a Persian exile came together, with no musical talent or ambitions and even less respect for anything or anyone, to burst into the UK charts with their debut single.

We arrive in LA and get into some hotel rooms and rest up for a few then head over to Downtown Independent the theatre for the viewing of the film. We park and head over to the Five Star bar with Anti-Nowhere League and Lenny Mental from The Besmirchers to get some drinks and hang a few before the film. After a few hours it’s time to see the film and some legends arrive like Lee Ving from FEAR. The film was great and afterwards there was Q&A with the band. After the film we all did some partying then crashed at hotel. Next day we wake up to head over to the big show which was a stadium show at Banc of California Stadium in LA with Misfits, Rise Against, The Distillers, Cro-Mags.

We arrive at the stadium and get our credentials and drive into the tunnel ramp of the stadium and the whole universe shifted from club show to big production punk rock. As the day progressed to night we were setting up gear for Cro-Mags too and helping them get ready to open the show. As the night went on we were seeing people like Billy Idol and Juliette Lewis amongst other celebrity types.

The Misfits reunion shows draw huge crowds and all types of well known artists show up as well. I got a call from Mark Stern from Youth Brigade and Punk Rock Bowling and he wanted some backstage passes so I got him hooked up. All the bands were giving a killer performance then The Misfits hit the stage and the crowd went bat shit crazy, we were side stage with all kinds of people and watching with Billy Idol and all the support bands. The Misfits were going nuts and bringing a killer performance, Glenn Danzig at one point dedicated a song to Harley Flanagan of Cro-Mags. By the end of the night everyone in our camp was pretty wasted except me I’m sober and I have to TM the whole deal. I was wrangling Anti-Nowhere League till 3am in the morning but every minute of the tour was packed with danger and intense energy

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