Riya pulled down my pants and said don’t worry, people are going to love your BUTT CHEEKS – reveals her Ragini MMS co-star Nishant

Pooja Nayak
We EXCLUSIVELY spoke to Riya Sen's Ragini MMS co-star Nishant Malkani about the leaked MMS and here are the shocking revelations that he made...

The internet is abuzz about Riya Sen’s LEAKED MMS video from her upcoming web series Ragini MMS Returns that’s going viral since morning. While there’s no clearance on how it surfaced on the internet. The sex scene has a sultry Riya getting wild and naughty with her Ragini MMS Returns co-star Nishant Malkani. In fact, considering this has come right after the release of the raunchy poster of Ragini MMS Returns featuring a topless Karishma Sharma, many are suspicious if it’s a publicity stunt by the makers or what. Watch the MMS video HERE

Although we couldn’t get in touch with Riya for the same. We EXCLUSIVELY got in touch with Nishant who opened up on what went behind shooting this steamy love making scene with his ‘crush’ Riya. Yes, Nishant admits that he has been Riya’s fan ever since he first saw her on the big screen and that’s exactly why he loved shooting every scene with the Bong beauty.

When asked how many retakes did Riya take to shoot for this intimate scene considering she had recently confessed how she had asked the director to tone down the scenes, Nishant said, “Intimate scenes are never shot in one take. There are so many people involved while shooting a scene right from the director to the light man to the makeup man. So it takes time and even during this scene we had quite a few retakes. But with Riya every take was only getting better because we are so comfortable with each other and more than anything, we have fun while shooting.”

Nishant even revealed the funniest or let’s say a rather scandalizing moment that happened while shooting for the scene, thanks to Riya. Recalls the actor, “So I remember the other day when we were shooting for this love making scene, Riya suddenly got so happy and suggested I should pull down my pants and flaunt my butt cheek just like how John Abraham did in Dostana 2. I didn’t take her seriously until she literally pulled down my pants while we were shooting the scene and exposed my butt cheek. I was like whattt?? At least you could have told me before doing it and she was like oh don’t worry, people seeing your butt cheeks are going to love you. Trust me all the women are going to love you…you have a great body and this and that I couldn’t go beyond “Riya kya kar rahi hai yaar, bata toh deti?”

All said and done, Nishant concludes, “I don’t know if that’s there in the film or no ya but it’s a very funny thing that happened.” But I hope her words come true. Like whole world talking about me and my butt (laughs). But jokes apart I think I need to also thank Vikas Gupta the producer of Lost Boy Productions and Ekta ma’am. They gave me this opportunity of course, they selected me opposite Riya and for me personally if given a chance to choose a role in the entire web series would have definitely been this one because again it was opposite Riya and I told you how I have always had a crush on her. But fortunately, I didn’t just fulfill my wish to work with Riya but also found a friend for life. Me, Riya her sister Raima, her mother, we all used to sit down and have dinner at her place. We became such close friends like family. Even her husband Shivam who was then her boyfriend is so sweet, we were all together and it’s all thanks to Ekta and Vikas who ensured we work as a family.”

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